Installing PfSense on Gigabyte GA-J1900N-D3V

Step 1. Update BIOS

First of all, you need to update the BIOS to F3 since the motherboard probably will ship with F1 or F2. If you’re on F3 already, no changes are needed. To update bios see Updating BIOS on Gigabyte GA-J1900N-D3V

Step 2. Create bootable pfSense

  • Download the memstick or nanobsd-vga version (your choice if you want to install full version to another USB-stick or run the embedded version) from pfSense download-page. I have been using nanobsd-vga for this test.
  • Flash the .img to you USB-stick, win32 image writer works like a charm.

Step 3. BIOS settings

Attach the pfSense USB and boot to BIOS. Reset to default, and ONLY change the following:

  1. Advanced -> CSM Configuration
    1. CSM Support – Enabled
    2. Boot Option filter – Legacy Only
    3. Network – Do not launch
    4. Storage – Legacy Only
    5. Video – UEFI First
    6. Other PCI devices – Legacy Only
  2. Advanced -> USB Configuration

    1. Legacy USB support – Enabled
    2. USB3.0 support – Enabled
    3. XHCI hand-off – Disabled
    4. EHCI hand-off – Disabled
    5. USB Mass storage device support – Enabled
  3. Under USB configuration you should see your USB-stick listed.
  4. Chipset -> South Bridge (I think? If I remembered correctly.)
    Restore after AC power loss – Power On
  5. Under boot, change harddrive BBS priority and set you USB-stick to #1, then change first boot option to your USB-stick and disable #2 boot option.